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Several years ago there was a small ceramic bowl that I coveted at the local antiquarian's shop.  It is from the turn of the previous century, with a simply painted rabbit bounding through flowers, in green, blue, yellow and red.  I pleaded with the proprietor to sell it to me for at least a year, but he preferred to continue to stub his cigarettes out in it.   One day as I passed his shop on my way up to the piazza it occurred to me to tell him the translation of my name in Italian.  “Conigliera? (rabbit warren) Non e vero (no way)!”  He burst out laughing.  I left him bent over, wheezing and gasping for air (he smoked a lot at the time) and went up to do the days shopping.  On my way back he came out of the shop and presented the bowl to me as a gift, but with the stipulation that my home be from that time known as “Casa Conigliera.”  My home really is very much like a warren, so it seemed a good name.  In time I named the wine I produce La Conigliera, and now, also, my website.   

                                                                                                                   Chris Warren

La Befana

Omaggio alla Grotta

         Chapter 1

Feasts From Paradiso

    2008  Art show


La Fornacalia

           Chapter 2

    Feasts From Paradiso

  Primo Maggio

         Chapter 3

Feasts From Paradiso

  Il Cortilonehttp://www.conigliera.com/Cortilone/Christopher_Warren.html
     2009  Art showhttp://www.conigliera.com/Cortilone/Christopher_Warren.html

All the Noise of It


     Il Cortilonehttp://www.conigliera.com/CortiloneX/Christopher_Warren_Cortilone_Sorano.html
     2010  Art showhttp://www.conigliera.com/CortiloneX/Christopher_Warren_Cortilone_Sorano.html

  I Foodini

      Cooking Videos

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  Apartment rentalhttp://www.conigliera.com/Sorano_Apt/rental.html

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