Christopher Warren


            From Crackpot to Sexpot *



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Chris Warren has divided his time between New York and Sorano since 1988.   He studied ceramics with Mikhail Zakin at Sarah Lawrence College and attended master classes given by David Leach and others.  In Utrecht, the Netherlands, he worked under master potter Jaan Mobach.  Subsequently, in his travels as a photo-journalist, he has worked with and observed potters in China, India, Central America and West Africa.

His work generally has been a reaction against the notion of pottery as craft. While studying with Mikhail Zakin he learned processes that permitted him to alter and crack pots, rendering them functionless.  With Jaan Mobach he learned to throw very large forms and to throw asymmetrically.  In more recent work he combines forms thrown on the wheel and makes figurative sculptures.

Chris has performed at Franklin Furnace, Inroads, BACA, the St Marks Theatre, the Here Arts Center and other venues.  His work is in private collections in the U.S., the U.K. and Europe.